The third edition of ESPORTOVNIA is coming - haraje bez hranic!

Despite the immediate neighborhood and many similarities between the two nations, young Poles and their peers from the Czech Republic know little about each other. A joint chess tournament is a great way to integrate through competition.

ESPORTOVNIA is not only competition, but also a platform to meet and exchange views.

On a dedicated Discord server, participants will be able to meet players from both countries and take part in meetings with GameDev specialists.


1. October – 18:00
8. October – 18:00
15. October – 13:00


Total prize pool is 1200 euro:

I place – 600 euro

II place – 350 euro

III place – 150 euro

IV place – 100 euro

The aim of the Polish Esports Association is the professionalization of electronic sports, focusing on the development of grassroots initiatives, as well as the promotion of Poland and Polish enterprises on the international arena. In their activities, the members of the association promote esports as a pretext for comprehensive development of professional competences among young people.

The aim of the Czech Esports Association is to represent the interests of Czech eSports in public institutions, media, sports organizations and international associations. ČAE is a member of all major international associations and takes care of the esports representation of the country.

“ESPORTOVNIA: an innovative project of Polish-Czech integration 2023”. Public task financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland within the grant competition “Polish-Czech Forum 2023.
Grant amount received: PLN 57,590.00


Communication is a key part of the project. We want Esportovnia to be a place of network and meeting new people. The Discord server is shared between players from both nations leaving plenty of opportunities for cooperation.


Two of the best players from each qualifier will face each other in the national finals. Then the very best Czech player will face his Polish equivalent to see which country has stronger chess players.


Every tournament has a specified ruleset. Make sure you’ve read ESPORTOVNIA’s and you are following them during the games.


Chess games within Esportovnia are conducted on the platform. Each player must have their own account there.

The tournament starts with qualifiers, which will take place in 2 rounds, so there are 2 chances to advance. Top 2 players from each round will advance to the Polish-Czech final.
You can take part in each qualification but already qualified players do not take part in subsequent rounds.

For each duel there are 5 minutes per player and eliminations are played over 9 rounds in Swiss system .

In order to take part in the competition, you must first join a chess club and then the qualifying tournament of your choice. You can do it any time but not later then an hour before the event. After that, you will see the prepared qualifications. Possibility to join them will be unlocked one hour before the event starts. Fifteen minutes before the start of a given qualifying round, you must join the chess club and the tournament.

We encourage you to join the Discord server at: This is where communication with the administration and other players will be conducted.

Both and discord can run in your browser on PC and there is no need to install additional software. Discord can be used that way also on smartphones. If you are using on mobile, there is a special application for it.

To participate in the game it is necessary to have a permanent internet connection.
To sum up – you need acces to (a tournament platform of choice) and Discord ( text and voice messenger).

All issues and suspicious behavior should be reported on Discord:, which is the only channel of communication with the tournament administration. 

Please note that we are not responsible for your internet connection and we won’t be able to do much about it. We encourage you to play the tournament on devices connected to the Internet via a cable.


Rocket League

1. Onlajneři
2. Administracja
3. Sunday Drivers
4. Pošpílený Magořinec

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

1. Lodis
2. Leniency
3. Dom towarowy
4. Imperishable Clan


Chess Online

1. Martin Hollan
2. Karol Kacprzak
3.  Adam Frank
4. Rafał Dalkowski